October/November Update

I can’t believe 2 months have passed since my last post. We’ve been so busy. Click on a grade to see  the update for a particular class. Click on a project name to go directly to Artsonia. Projects not linked are either currently being completed or went home without being photographed. Here’s a list of our projects:

Kindergarten: Painted Sunflowers, Pinch Pots, Oil Pastel Owls

1st Grade: Spider Web Glue Resist, Moonlit Shadows, Weaving Patterns

2nd Grade: Sugar Skulls, Sunflowers with Glue/Chalk, Kitty Dishes, Oil Pastel Owls

3rd Grade: Woven Tree Plate, Skeleton Names, Woven Radial Designs

4th Grade: Moonlit Pumpkins, Spooky Silhouettes, Wampum Belts

5th Grade: Sunset Tree Silhouette, Doodle Metal Design

6th Grade: Fall Tree Perspective, Egyptian gods

Thank you for taking the time to learn about what your child is doing in Art.

September Projects

We’ve been very busy making art. Kindergarten started off using painted paper to make Eric Carle style caterpillars. Then they painted apple trees and sunflowers. Here’s the link to Artsonia for the caterpillars, apple trees and sunflowers.









First grade used painted paper to create Eric Carle style butterflies. Then they read about Elmer the Elephant and created their own Elmer picture. Here’s the link to Artsonia for the butterflies and Elmer.










In September, students in grades 2-6 learned about the artist Paul Klee (clay). He was best known for his abstract art. You can learn more about his life and view some of his paintings by visiting the Metropolitan Museum. Each grade did a different abstract piece of art.

Second grade looked at his painting called, “City with Red and Green Accents”and tried to create their own from simple shapes. They chose the materials they wanted to color with; colorstiks, oil pastels, or markers.

Castle and Sun Paul Klee









Third grade viewed Klee’s pictures including, “Blue Night” and used oil pastels to color their abstracts.

blue night paul klee











Fourth grade looked at, “Heroic Roses” and also did similar abstracts but created their abstract piece using either oil pastels on paper or acrylic paint on canvas.

Paul Klee Heroic-Roses-1938











Fifth grade looked at the painting, “Der Naght” and created a similar piece using watercolor or watercolor pencils.













Sixth grade looked at “Dream City” and “Flora in the Sand” as their inspiration and also chose from acrylic paint.













Here are the links to Artsonia to view more student work:

2nd Grade      3rd Grade     4th Grade     5th Grade     6th Grade

Welcome Back

Art is happening already. We spent the first week getting into our routine. We went over the rules and our theme for this year, “Art is in You, Let it Out”. I believe each child has the potential to create beautiful art work. I want to provide positive experiences so children learn to love and be proud of the art they create.

As you stroll down the hallway on your way to our elementary office, enjoy the art work done by students the end of June. They studied the artist, Wayne Thiebaud who was known for his cakes, pies and deserts. Here’s a preview:

hall1  hall2

We are starting out this year with an activity that encourages them to make their art stand out. Each child’s hand was traced and then they created a design using lines, shapes, colors and/or patterns. At Open House on September 11th, students are challenged to find their hand among all those on the bulletin board outside my room. Come in, meet me, and get a sticker to add to your hand so I know you visited. I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Our first major project is learning about the artist, Paul Klee (pronounced Clay). Each student grades 2-6 will observe his paintings and then create a picture in his style. I will post a few as they are finished.

Parents, you can support our art program in two ways. First, use your PriceChopper card and ask at your local store to have North Warren be your designated school. Our school code is 16317. I will also have a list to register your card at Open House. We receive money each April to be used for Art supplies. Second, visit our Artsonia site. Last year was our first year displaying our art work on this online gallery and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. I intend to continue posting our art work so parents who don’t get the chance to visit and see our hallway displays can see the great work our students are doing. I will also have this information available at Open House. Hope to see you there!

Cathy Kearney

Come to the annual ART SHOW Tuesday, May 20th

Every May, our school hosts an Art show in the Gymnasium and this year it is Tuesday May 20th. Stop by and vote on the budget, see the Spring Concert, support the NWTA student scholarship basket raffle and don’t forget to visit the Art Show with your children. You may visit between 8:00 am-6:30 pm. They are so proud of their projects and would love to share them with their family. Until then, visit our class pages by clicking on the class tab above to see what we’ve been doing in Art.

Projects posted include Color Ladybugs in 1st grade, Flower Gardens and Teddy Bear chairs/beds in 2nd grade, and Under the Sea Repousse in 3rd grade. The 4th grade has been working on Mandalas. I posted 5th grade’s Paper Mâche Fish projects and Japanese Block Print Koinobori.  Molas and Kente Paper Weaving projects have been posted for 6th grade. Cherry Blossom printing will be posted soon for Kindergarten.

Hope to see you at the Art Show!

Library Art Show

March is Youth Art Month and we are happy to announce several of our Art projects are now on display at the Chestertown Public Library. We hope you get the chance to go and see work from grades 1-6. Grade one has their roaring Lions on display. The 2nd graders have either their Monochromatic Abstract piece or their Georgia O’Keeffe Apples. Third grade’s Woven circles and 4th grade’s Wampum belts are also up. 5th Grader’s may have their Woven Pouches, Birds in Branches painting or their Organic Clay Weavings on display. Sixth graders either have their Egyptian god or Kente Paper Weavings. We hope you have the time to visit the Chestertown library and be sure to enjoy our art work.

1H Kaydence  Ryder  IMG_1442  IMG_1091 andrew WB IMG_1361  Fred  CLAY  IMG_1376  ethan

Be sure to visit the Artsonia site and comment on your child’s work. They love to see your feedback.

More Projects Posted

We have been busy completing several projects since January began. Click on the “Classes” tab above to visit each grade level’s page. There you can see the most current projects on the top of each page. You can also follow the links below.

Kindergarten painted Snowmen. First graders created cut paper Penguins on Parade and Bluebirds in Birches. Second graders finished their Monochromatic Abstract paintings and paper Quilled Hearts. Their woven necklaces have also been posted. Third graders worked hard on their Animal drawings and Snowmen-4 Views. Fourth graders worked on tempera paintings of Snowy Trees casting shadows. Fifth graders finished their tempera paintings of Birds in Snowy Branches. Their Organic Clay Weavings are just starting to be posted. Sixth graders finished an Egyptian god multimedia project and Kente Paper Weaving.

Enjoy viewing the new projects and ask your children how they accomplished them. They love talking about their projects. Visit the Artsonia links on your child’s class page. We have posted 825 pieces so far this year. Family members can set up an account to become fanclub members and leave comments. We have 70 fanclub members and 40 comments so far! Students love to see what their family thinks about their work.

ART Room News

North Warren Elementary Students’ Artwork is Now on Artsonia!
from Mrs. Kearney

I would like to invite you to visit our school site on Artsonia, an online Art Gallery. It’s a place where your child can share their art work with you throughout the year. During the year I hold onto some of their work for the March Art exhibit at the library and the Art Show during the School Budget vote in May. I always feel bad when I have to say I’m saving it for the Art Show. I am so excited that students can now show their work to their parents before these events. I hope you visit the website and enjoy
spending time with your child and their wonderful art work.

At Artsonia you, the parent, can create an account that enables you to post comments about your child’s work and lets you approve comments made by friends and relatives you invite. Family members who live far away can now see the art project you tell them about. You can also publish art work made at home or send it in for me to upload to the site. You may choose to purchase items with your child’s art work on them. This gives our school a wonderful way to earn funds to purchase special materials for the Art room.

You may browse all the work posted by North Warren elementary students at the link provided on this page. Just click on a project from your child’s grade and you will see artwork listed by first name and number. Clicking on the picture shows you their page and any of their artwork uploaded to the
site. Students were given a slip with their account name recently. You would go to http://www.artsonia.com/(name)(number) to see their page directly.

Thank you ahead of time for supporting our efforts to provide an excellent art program for all students at North Warren. I hope you enjoy the masterpieces this school year will bring.