Elementary Art


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I am so glad to welcome all my students back to Art. This is my last year. This begins my 44th year of teaching. I want to leave this year emphasizing on how Art can enrich everyone.

Keep Art in Your Heart!

Heart at Crystal Lake

This year our theme, “Keep Art in Your Heart”. We will explore some of the same projects students always look forward to and several new ones this year focusing on simply enjoying the process of Art. I will encourage them to share Hearts they find and remembering Art every time they see a heart. Here’s one I took a picture of at a lake nearby.

I believe each child has the potential to create beautiful art work. I want to provide positive experiences so children learn to love and be proud of the art they create. If you ever have a concern, please make an appointment to see me. I want your child to love being here at Art.

Art Supplies

Art supplies will be kept in the Art room for all to share. Some students this year donated their folder as they moved up to another color, so if a student needs one, they will be available.

This year besides an Art shirt are:

K- 1 plastic yellow folder, 2 qt sized ziploc bags(not a box)

1- 1 plastic dark green folder, 2 regular pencils

2- 1 plastic orange folder, 1 eraser

3- 1 plastic purple folder, 1 large glue stick

4- 1 plastic red folder, 1 new sink sponge, small pointed Fiskar scissors

5- 1 plastic dark blue folder, one 6 count Crayola watercolor box

6- 1 plastic black folder

How to Support Our Art Program

First, use your PriceChopper AdvantEdge card and ask at your local store to have North Warren be your designated school. Our school code is 16317.  The Tools for Schools program donates money to our school each April to be used for Art supplies. If you didn’t sign up recently you may have to sign up again as there has been an update.

Second, visit our Artsonia site. I have displayed student’s art work on Artsonia, an online gallery for over 9 years now. Parents say they love showing relatives their children’s art and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. You can purchase items with your child’s art on them to support our program. I intend to continue posting our art work so parents that don’t get the chance to visit and see our hallway displays can see the great work our students are doing. NOTE:  parents must sign up for an Artsonia  account to be able to see their child’s work and have their child’s work visible to others. Only their first name is visible for their safety. This is the best way Artsonia has to meet the requirements of different states regarding privacy & Internet access. If you have already signed up, thank you, and your child’s work is already visible. Artsonia will email you when new art has been posted so you don’t miss anything! If you have not signed up, you may view the art of students whose parents have signed up.

Donation Suggestions

Donation suggestions for the Art room are different each year. Your help is always appreciated. Please click here for the list of what materials or reusables you can be collecting and donate. As always, I thank you for supporting the Art program here at North Warren.

Art Project #1

We are doing a quick display of what they like doing in Art. Students will do a picture or design on a heart to be put up at Open House. Students will put their name, class code and what material they like to use most in Art. Your challenge is to find your Art Heart at Open House and bring it to me.

Google Classroom 

This year each student will have access to their lessons through an Art class link on either SeeSaw or Google Classroom. HELP for PARENTS can be found here. Students who log into their SeeSaw or Google Classroom site will see their lessons and can explore them from home in addition to the classroom.

All projects will be posted from school. If your child wants to post an additional piece of Art from home on the Artsonia online gallery, it will appear there once I approve the Art. A parent must have an Artsonia account. It will be visible to only me if your parents do not. I will post more on my Help Page. BE SURE to upload your picture to the correct place. If you are in 3rd grade it would be “3-Extra”, “1-Extra”.

Parents with an Artsonia account can still access their child’s work there. Students can also access/upload using the classroom code: XDSM-FPWJ

Art Websites to Explore

Click here to go to a page full of Art websites

Open House 

Open House will be on September 1th from 6:00-7:30.

Artist Spotlight

This year I hope to include some projects highlighting artists such as Paul Klee, Vincent Van Gogh, Romero Britto, Jim Dine, and Laurel Burch.

Thanks to all those who support our program.

Cathy Kearney

Art Teacher