1st Grade

Welcome to North Warren’s Elementary Art page where you’ll discover what 1st Grade has been learning.

You can access your child’s page by clicking “View all students by grade” under the “Student Activity” Section Title. A slideshow of our latest project is seen here on Slideshow. Click “customize” on the left and choose “fit inside”. If you’d rather scroll through the page click Project Page to access the project page.

Past projects done with 1st Grade:

Dotted Apples- students made apple pictures by just painting dots. We talked about showing value by gradually changing from one color to another.

Warm/Cool Names-students started making block letters. Then they made a design around their name and finished by coloring them in warm (red, yellow, blue) and cool (purple, orange, green) colors.

Fall Reflection-Step by step we painted parts of a fall scene and folded the paper while it was still wet to transfer some paint to the bottom for a reflection. The first day we painted the sky and the green grass. The second day we painted the tree trunks and tree leaves.

Eric Carle Style Spiders- We spent the first day creating painted paper using warm colors in one class and cool colors in another. They brushed colors on and scraped the wet colors with a fork to create texture. This was followed by cutting circles for the body, toes and head and cutting rectangle strips for the legs. A white crayon was used to draw a spider web and google eyes were added.

Poinsettias- We looked at some poinsettias to get an idea of what they looked like. Using a petal shaped sponge, students printed their poinsettias. Next they used a brush to paint leaves in between the petals and oil pastels to add details and color the background.


Patterned Weaving– By folding a 9 x 12 paper in half and cutting from the open ends every 1 inch toward, but stopping 1 inch from the middle, our ‘looms’ were created. Students glued 1/4 inch strips of wrapping paper to each strip of the loom to create a pattern. Then they started weaving 1 inch strips across the loom. The final step was to stamp the squares.

Dressed For Winter– First grades first attempt at portraits made for some pretty cute pictures. We used construction paper crayons and black sharpies to create these beautiful pictures. Students were challenged to put a little of themselves into the picture and I’m sure some parents may be able to pick their own child out.


Heart Rubbing– We talked about texture and how it can be felt and seen. Then we used a heart template to draw overlapping hearts. After that we used plastic texture plates under the paper and crayons were rubbed inside the heart pieces. Students were encouraged to change colors to show contrast.

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