September/October Projects

I have introduced the artist Romero Britto in several of my classes. “Romero Britto is a Brazilian neo-pop artist, painter, serigrapher, and sculptor. He combines elements of cubism, pop art and graffiti painting in his work, using vibrant colors and bold patterns as a visual expression of hope and happiness.” Visit Wikipedia for more information or the artist’s website, Romero Britto.

4th Grade created pop up nylon flyers using their name or a word of inspiration as their theme. Students first drew their design on 9 and 1/2 ” sq. white paper. Then they placed their paper under the nylon disk and traced their design in pencil. They used colored sharpies to color the designs and then outlined in black. The disks are able to be collapsed to a third of their size and fit into a small pocket they can color as well. They had fun flying them before I put them up.Here are a few examples:


5th Grade had fun painting “Wild Sunflowers” using bright unusual colors that Romero Britto would. I emphasized how to paint to show value and choose colors to show contrast. Here are a few samples:


6th Grade created word sculptures in Romero Britto’s style.They traced 4″ letters onto cardstock, drew simple designs on them, outlined the design with black Sharpies and then colored them with colored Sharpies. Then they cut the letters out and created their sculpture by notching two letters and sliding them together, supporting them in the center with a plastic rod and cardboard. I’ll post a few examples soon.


Kindergarten has been practicing their names. They created name plates of foam and name designs using mosaic squares.


1st Grade started making a design with their name and coloring them in warm and cool colors. Then they made apple pictures by just painting dots.


2nd Grade drew their names and outlined the letters in radiating colored lines. They are currently creating an oil pastel “Apples in a Bowl”.


3rd Grade made a name design in warm/cool colors and then had fun drawing a pumpkin scene with watercolor markers. They wet the bottom of the paper to make it look like their pumpkin was in a puddle.


You can check out all the pictures I posted on If you haven’t, please sign up so you can view your child’s work. This is a change from last year. This year you will only see pictures of students who have been granted permission by their parents.


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