2nd Grade

Welcome to North Warren’s Elementary Art page where you’ll discover what 2nd Grade has been learning.

You can access your child’s page by clicking “view all students by grade” under the “Student Activity” Section Title. A slideshow of our latest project is seen here on Slideshow. Click “customize” on the left and choose “fit inside”. If you’d rather scroll through the page click Project Page to access the project page.

Past projects done with 2nd Grade:

Radiating Names- students drew their names and outlined the letters in radiating colored lines.

Apples in a Bowl- We learned about drawing apples so they look round and coloring them with oil pastels to show a light source. We talked about adding a pattern to the bowl and the tablecloth.

Sugar Skulls- We learned about Dias de los Muertas, a celebration of loved ones who have died that is celebrated in Mexico. It’s not a gloomy day but a day of celebrating their lives. We first drew skulls and then added lots of color and shapes to brighten it up. Additional materials included sequins, jewel and glitter.

Candy Canes– We learned about drawing patterns with lines and overlapping objects. Students had fun trying to come up with different patterns of color for each candy cane. They used markers and I added glitter at the end to make them sparkle.


Catching Snowflakes– We imagined we were outside as the snow was falling and how fun it would be to catch a snowflake. Students learned how to create a self portrait. They used construction paper crayons and sharpie markers.

Heart Weaving– Students used paper to weave a heart and then used shapes and lines to create patterns in each square using oil pastels. After gluing it to a background color, they created a picture around their heart.

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