3rd Grade

Welcome to North Warren’s Elementary Art page where you’ll discover what 3rd Grade has been learning.

You can access your child’s page by clicking “view all students by grade” under the “Student Activity” Section Title. A slideshow of our latest project is seen here on Slideshow. Click “customize” on the left and choose “fit inside”. If you’d rather scroll through the page click Project Page to access the project page.

Past projects done with 3rd Grade:

Warm/Cool Names Design- made a name design in warm/cool colors

Pumpkin Reflection- and then had fun drawing a pumpkin scene with watercolor markers. They wet the bottom of the paper to make it look like their pumpkin was in a puddle.

Folk Art Owls- Folk Art is Art that is produced by cultures and is primarily decorative. We tried our hands at making folk art owls that were brightly colored. They saw a video about drawing owls on “Artclubforkids.com”.They drew 2-3 owls on their own and colored them using any fun colors they wanted. After gluing on a background color, they added a tree trunk, branches and leaves.

Scarecrow Resist- After learning how to draw a scarecrow online at “Artclubforkids.com”, everyone tried their best to draw one. They then colored it in crayons and used watercolors as a resist.

Radial Weaving-


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