3rd Grade

Welcome to North Warren’s Elementary Art page where you’ll discover what 3rd Grade has been learning.

Warm/Cool Names Design- made a name design in warm/cool colors

Pumpkin Reflection- and then had fun drawing a pumpkin scene with watercolor markers. They wet the bottom of the paper to make it look like their pumpkin was in a puddle.

Folk Art Owls- Folk Art is Art that is produced by cultures and is primarily decorative. We tried our hands at making folk art owls that were brightly colored. They saw a video about drawing owls on “Artclubforkids.com”.They drew 2-3 owls on their own and colored them using any fun colors they wanted. After gluing on a background color, they added a tree trunk, branches and leaves.

Scarecrow Resist- After learning how to draw a scarecrow online at “Artclubforkids.com”, everyone tried their best to draw one. They then colored it in crayons and used watercolors as a resist.

Radial Weaving-


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