4th Grade

Welcome to North Warren’s Elementary Art page where you’ll discover what 4th Grade has been learning.

You can access your child’s page by clicking “view all students by grade” under the “Student Activity” Section Title. A slideshow of our latest project is seen here on Slideshow. Click “customize” on the left and choose “fit inside”. If you’d rather scroll through the page click Project Page to access the project page.

Past projects done with 4th Grade:

POP UP NYLON FLYERS- using their name or a word of inspiration as their theme, students created a design in the style of Romero Britto. Students first drew their design on 9 and 1/2 ” sq. white paper. Then they placed their paper under the nylon disk and traced their design in pencil. They used colored sharpies to color the designs and then outlined in black. The disks are able to be collapsed to a third of their size and fit into a small pocket they can color as well. They had fun flying them before I put them up.

Watercolor Pencil Leaves- After talking about how to show value using colored pencils, students traced several different designs of leaves. They were asked to use at least two colors for each leaf and were taught to gradually blend one color into the other. Students could use any color they choose. Once the color was applied, students used a wet brush to blend the colors like watercolor. The final step was to outline each leaf and draw veins with a extra fine black sharpie.


Glue Resist Chalk Pumpkins- Students were taught to draw a pumpkin so it appears 3 dimensional instead of flat. They were instructed to blend one color into another, starting from the bottom of the pumpkin with a dark color and gradually lightening the colors toward the top or light source.

Wampum Belts-

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