Art Room Donations

Dear Parents,

I am very excited to begin another year as your child’s new Art teacher. As in past years, there will be some messy lessons requiring a paint shirt so please be sure to send one with your child. It is best if it is the T-shirt kind, not a button down one. Your child’s name and teacher code should be on it to prevent loss. Please donate any extra old T-shirts.

Please understand that depending on the lesson, and at my discretion, I may not allow children to participate if they do not have an Art shirt. I have a few on hand to let them borrow in an emergency, but please send one in soon. They don’t want to miss out or mess up their good clothes!

ALSO: Below is a list of some materials you can donate. If you have other ideas, please send a note before sending them as space is limited. We will not need cardboard tubes this year.

Beads, sequins                      buttons           yarn- ROYGBIV or neon colors

felt                   pencils, erasers                   hardly used/new sponges and scrub pads

ziploc bags-qt & gal            Lean Cuisine style food trays/no dividers

We desperately need any old frames you may want to part with so we can display work in the hall. These may be with or without glass and with a minimum size of 9 X 12.

Thanks ahead of time for your help.


Cathy Kearney