6th Grade

Welcome to North Warren’s Elementary Art page where you’ll discover what 6th Grade has been learning.

Letter Sculptures- students created word sculptures in Romero Britto’s style.They traced 4″ letters onto cardstock, drew simple designs on them, outlined the design with black Sharpies and then colored them with colored Sharpies. Then they cut the letters out and created their sculpture by notching two letters and sliding them together, supporting them in the center with a plastic rod and cardboard.

Folk Art Trees- Students were allowed to use their choice of media to create a folk art tree which is characterized by its use of bright colors and playful design.

Clay Cartouche- students created their name in Hieroglyphics in the form of an Egyptian cartouche. We then baked the clay and painted it in metallic colors.


Egyptian Symbol Repousse- using an Egyptian symbol as their theme, students created a metal relief called a repousse. They puffed out the metal with a round headed tool from the back and defined the design lines with a pointed tool on the front. Once their design was done, they colored it with sharpie. Texture and contrast were emphasized.



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