Welcome to North Warren’s Elementary Art page where you’ll discover what Kindergarten has been learning. Many of the projects Kindergarten done in the beginning of the year start with lines, shapes, colors and the beginning of patterns.

Mosaic Name Plates- has been practicing their names. They created name plates of foam and name designs using mosaic squares.

Apple Trees- We started by reading Arnold’s Apple Tree and discovered all the things Arnold did with his apple tree during each season. Then we started to paint our own apple trees. They started by learning how to paint a tree trunk and add branches in brown. Then they learned how to dabb a sponge brush on their paper to add green leaves. On the final day, they used a cork to stamp bright red apples on their tree. Take a look at a few below or visit Artsonia to see your child’s art work.

Torn Paper Owls- Kindergarten had fun tearing paper to create their owls. Then practicing their shapes they added round eyes, triangle beaks and rectangle feet. After adding google eyes they were completely adorable.

Corncob Wreaths- We created our corncobs by tracing 3 large ovals onto yellow paper. Then they pressed hard with a crayon to add corn circles.  Next they learned how to round off one corner of a rectangle and make a point on the other end creating 3 green stalk pieces. After stapling it all together, colored raffia was added.

Polar Bears- We read, “The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas.” Then we drew a picture of a polar bear using simple shapes and painted it white. Mrs. Kearney drew the black lines on top of ours and added google eyes. Next we discussed what the environment of a polar bear would live in. We used white oil pastel to draw our mountains and snow and cut painted paper to make our trees and sun. Last we added glitter.

Snowman Looking Up– We practiced our cutting and gluing skills when creating our snowmen. We talked about how a snowman would look if he was looking up and practiced cutting circles, rectangles, half circles and drawing stars. Students used star punches and crayons.

Printed Hearts Collage– Students used toilet paper rolls  that were taped to form a heart shape to print their hearts using 5-6 colors of tempera. After the hearts dried they used markers to add valentine words and crayons to add simple designs in and out of their hearts. As they were working on their art, I gave them stickers to add to their pictures.

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